Welcome to momo&ronja!

In light of today’s global challenges, we feel compelled to assume responsibility for the world we live in — utilizing our skills and talents to their fullest potential.
momo&ronja supports people, projects and organizations which contribute to the well-being of all life. We strive to bring forward the true power of life-sustaining commitments:

Deep immersion into nature allows us to relax and perceive the immediate pulse of life. Nature can help us realize the interdependence of everything — and makes us understand our commitment in a wider context.
momo&ronja offers nature-based guidance for people, projects and organizations.


To grow beyond oneself and feel the flow as a group not only brings joy, but also very concrete results. Appropriately, we engage in new ways of working together and support cooperation on all levels.
momo&ronja designs events such as workshops, meetings and private parties with creativity and passion. We use methods like open space, world café, constellation work and/or elements from sociocracy as much as silence, nature, sounds and colors.


Inspired by a deep connection with life, we use systemic constellation work to create new solutions to collective questions. We consciously take a closer look at the patterns under the surface and prepare the path for transformation.
momo&ronja offers systemic constellation work to encourage social change.


momo&ronja unites expertise in the fields of communication and education. We offer professional support and share our knowledge, as well as our own experience to spread understanding of meaningful commitment.

For further information please contact us: info@momoundronja.ch

…and here our video „Together in the flow – It’s time for cooperation“ with subtitles in English 🙂